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    Vaser Liposuction or ultrasonic liposuction, is an astonishing new type of liposuction that can enable you to get the body that you’ve always wanted to have! Ultrasonic liposuction is negligibly intrusive, it targets specific fatty regions however other body tissue stays undamaged. this results in less recovery time and faster outcomes.

    Vaser is a standout among the most prevalent types of liposuction accessible, focusing on those undesirable fatty zones you battle to move extra layers (flanks) inner thighs or even bingo wings. Vaser Liposuction London’s Vaser machines utilize ultrasonic energy to specifically break and separate the fatty tissue whist saving normal muscle and other tissues.
    The ultrasonic sound waves that the small probes transmits and separates the fat on contact. The fat at that point ends up becoming liquified and is expelled by a cannula by means of suction through little cuts. The discrete cuts are between 3-4mm so there is typically no requirement for dissolvable stitches as they are so small. The Ultrasound (ultrasonic) innovation is intense enough to focus on numerous large areas such as back and stomach and in addition being sufficiently delicate to treat sensitive areas, such as the jaw and inner thighs.

    Ultrasonic liposuction has been being developed since 1998 and was first introduced in 2002 in America. Vaser Liposuction London were one of the principal UK suppliers to offer this type of Ultrasonic-assisted liposuction in mid 2013. Because of this new innovation, a significantly higher amount of fat can be evacuated in a shorter time meaning ultrasonic liposuction can be completed under local anaesthetic with sedation as a day case strategy. Ultrasonic lipsocution won’t be reasonable for all patients so it is reccommended to have a free consultation with one of our advisers so you can be advised if this is the best treatment for you.

    Vaser Liposuction London have exceptionally prepared ultrasonic liposuction treatment rooms in Manchester and London.

    Up to 4 liters of fat can be expelled inside 2 hours for Vaser liposuction (maximum treatment time) and this can be from numerous areas. Your Vaser liposuction surgeon will be able to advise you about the time it will take to treat the areas required. Recuperation time for Vaser lipo can be speedier than customary liposuction (surgical lipo) which means you can for the most part come back to non-physical work following 3-4 days. You will be required to wear a compression garment for 4 – 6 weeks alongside a 4D vest for 2 – 4 weeks if your abdomen or flanks are treated. All garments are provided at no extra cost, for more data on valuing for this strategy, click here.