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    How Much Does Vaser Liposuction Cost?

    The cost of liposuction is important when deciding whether you would like to and can afford to go ahead with the procedure. There are a whole range of different factors to consider such as the level of care you will receive, your patient safety, the quality of the medicine and the other materials used and the most important is the experience of the surgeon and his team. These factors all add up to your desired result which should be the most important factor of your surgery. In short, you get what you pay for.

    If you see a vaser liposuction surgery being offered at a discount or an unusually good deal then this article is good for you to read to ask better questions to the clinic / surgeons offering your surgery.

    How much fat is to be removed?

    Operating and staffing a surgical theatre is extremely costly and is charged to the patient on an hourly basis. For that reason the cost of the surgery in directly proportional to the time it takes to extract the desired fat and the density of the connective tissue holding it in place.

    The more fat which needs to be removed the longer a process it will be affecting the cost. We can assess how much fat needs to be removed using an ultrasound scanner. We measure fat layer thickness and using it to calculate the width and height of the desired area to produce an accurate estimate. Thus allowing us to provide a consistent process which allows us to predict staffing and theatre costs which will be required for your procedure.

    High Definition versus General Body Sculpting

    High Definition liposuction’s objective is to remove fat so that the muscular structure can be seen. It requires more precision when carrying out high definition liposuction than just general body sculpting, thus requiring more time in the operating theatre and hence a higher price.

    Post Operative Care

    Good post operative care is essential to getting a good aesthetic result from a vaser liposuction. Doing things such as monitoring skin retraction, adjusting compression garments and assisting the drainage of fluids are required to providing great medical after care.

    All of these factors and many more are used to determine the price of your Vaser Liposuction to get an accurate quote please give us a call today on