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I think I may rent an office.

Right now, there’s 3 of us working from Saigon. Soon to be 4.

And we just work from coffee shops, home, or wherever.

But I’m pretty sure getting a real office would make things better.

Where do you work from?

I love the fact that it’s so simple to get started with this business.

You can build a 6-7 figure business working from home if you want to.

Most “physical location” businesses require things like:

A retail or manufacturing location…

Company vans…

Material / product costs…

And that’s just to get started.

We can grab a domain for less than $10. Hosting for like $10/m.

Office? Screw that, just work from home at the beginning.

And for client acquisition, most people already have a phone.

Even for affiliate campaigns, you can rent a PBN link for like $8/m… that’s insanely cheap.

We’ve got a bad habit of forgetting how easy we have it.

Not to mention we can leverage “location arbitrage”… live in cheaper places like Chiang Mai, where you’re good to go with $1,000/m, to bootstrap your business.

How much easier could it possibly be.

Let’s make the most of it while we can.

And if you’re not sure where to start…